Greentree Church is part of Sovereign Grace Churches. Sovereign Grace is a growing family of churches who partner together to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to fulfill our mission by strengthening and planting churchestraining pastorsproducing resources, and engaging in missions throughout the world.

We at Greentree Church enjoy a rich relationship with Sovereign Grace Churches, we share:

  • A passion to see the gospel of Jesus Christ affect our lives and proclaimed to the world.
  • A vision to establish, equip, and develop local churches.
  • A desire to see the members of these churches glorify God in their public and private lives both corporately and as individuals.

A brief overview of Sovereign Grace Churches:

Beliefs: We are evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist.

Size: Our family includes about 80 churches located throughout the world.

Each Sovereign Grace Church is governed by its own bylaws, but we agree in partnership to operate in harmony with The Sovereign Grace Book of Church Order.