Progress Update Sept 2020

Work has begun on the interior offices!  The first step is polishing the floors.  We decided to go with polished concrete floors as opposed to carpet as a way to combat any moisture issues.  After the flooring some IT work will take place, followed by framing, sheetrock, window replacement and paint.  

Progress Update May 2020

This week we were able to apply the waterproof coating to the exterior of the building and establish a temporary grade. In the weeks ahead, as we see that the office area remains dry, the interior repair work can begin. The remaining exterior work of installing gutters, replacing the office windows and installing permanent drains will happen sometime this summer.

Special thanks to Mike Angerman, Doug Long, Dave Gelona, Kevin Senseney, Ed Arentz and Mike Festa for helping with the waterproofing and backfilling of dirt!

Welcome to the Renovation Project.  This page will give you an overview of the work that our building needs.  We are asking that everyone who calls Greentree home would prayerfully consider their financial response to these needs.  After reading the “Financial Response Sheet”, use the form below to make your commitment.  

Commitment Card

Several significant expenses have come together at the same time. These expenses are either unexpected, or exceed what was expected. We have looked at ways to divide these projects into phases. However, most of them are connected. After seeking advice from professionals, we have found it will be most cost effective to complete these repairs and renovations at one time while the building is “torn up”.

These challenges are part of God’s sovereign plan. Our good Heavenly Father brought these together at the same time. This is an opportunity to unify our commitment, build our faith and teach us lessons along the way about what it means to trust Him and keep Him in the front of our lives. This should excite us for what is to come.

The Renovation Project

The FLOOD....

In November 2018, our church offices flooded due to a sump pump failure.  The result was that all of the offices were damaged including carpet, sheetrock and the majority of the furniture.  All of this repair work is covered by insurance.  

More Bad News....

It turns out “the flood” wasn’t the worst of our problems.  After the water damage was mitigated we discovered the building is leaking!  After consulting with an engineer, an architect and various contractors it was discovered that the sidewalks on the exterior of the building have settled and the old concrete fountain has deteriorated allowing water to enter the building. 

The Solution: Remove the Concrete

In addition to extending a french drain system on the interior of the building, the concrete sidewalks and fountain need to be removed (see red outline area).  The next step is to dig down to the foundation of the building to apply a waterproof coating.  After this, the entire area will be regraded, and landscaped.  While this area is torn up, our existing well pump, located on the front plot, needs to be upgraded. The estimated cost for this work is $66,000. 

A complicating Factor

One factor that complicates this work is that our current air-conditioning units sit on the area of concrete that needs to be removed.  To remove these 32-year-old units and then reattach them would not be wise.  This forces us to replace the air conditioning system for the church auditorium.  (Something we have been looking into for the past few years.)  A portion of this system is located in the ceiling of our auditorium and must be removed and installed piece by piece, adding to the expense of the job.  The total cost for the HVAC replacement is $191,400.

Inside renovations

Prior to “the flood” we had been planning and saving toward renovations in our auditorium. We moved into our auditorium in 1987. It has served us well, but parts of the auditorium are worn out, and the carpet is coming apart at the seams in some places. This is neither safe nor welcoming to those who come through the door. Replacing the carpet with a polished concrete floor will reduce maintenance and will have a much longer lifespan. 

Widening the Platform & Other IMprovements

We also want to widen the lower platform.  A person who is not used to the narrow limits of the platform can easily fall off (as we have witnessed). When we have multiple people up there, especially children, the difficulty increases.  It makes the most sense to do this work while the stage carpet and auditorium flooring are being replaced.  

Other improvements include replacing the balcony railings which will significantly improve what people can see during the service, painting the walls, installing large ceiling fans to reduce heating and cooling costs, and updates to our media projection system.  The cost for this work is $131,700.  

Auditorium Renovations and Water Mitigation Work Projections

Auditorium Inside Renovations Projections

Stage carpet                                                        $10,000

Main floor & lobbies floor polish                     $57,000

Paint walls and doors refinish                          $13,000

Platform work

Lower stage extension                                       $5,200

Concrete work                                                     $3,200

Electrical                                                               $2,500

Stage and balcony railings                                $2,000


Permits                                                                 $1,000

Ceiling fans                                                          $7,800


Projection system upgrades                             $30,000


Total:                                                                  $131,700

Water Mitigation Outside Work Projections

Exterior foundation and wall waterproofing,     $30-45,000                       gutters, stucco wall repairs, misc.

Sidewalk and fountain demolition                        $10-14,000                  and regrading

Well work                                                                   $7,000


Heat/AC units                                                            $161,500

Electrical                                                                     $28,300

Concrete pads                                                           $1,600








Total:                                                                         $257,400

Total cost of work to be done: $389,100

5% “Just in case” costs: $19,455

Less money currently in savings:  $90,700

Total funds needed: $317,855

Mortgage Renewal

In addition to all the renovation work, both of our mortgages recently renewed at higher rates.

Background: We have two mortgages, the Main Mortgage and the Learning Center Mortgage.  The Main Mortgage is paid out of General Fund giving and the Learning Center Mortgage is paid out of Building Fund giving.  As is typical for commercial mortgages, the interest rate is renewed every 5 years.

Mortgage Balances:

Main Mortgage: $680,290 (matures: 5/1/24)

Learning Center Mortgage: $794,711 (matures: 7/1/33)

In the Fall of 2018 both mortgages renewed at an interest rate of 4.75%.  Although the bank originally told us the payment would have minimal change, the change turned out to be substantial.

The Main Mortgage payment went from $9,727 to $12,397 per month – a $2,670 increase ($32,040 per year).

The Learning Center Mortgage went from $6,224 to $6,409 per month – a $185 per month increase ($2,220 per year).

Total monthly budget increase: $2,855

We are exploring if there are better alternatives, but for now this is a significant and unexpected increase to our regular budget.


What Can You Do?

We will take the month of May and put our attention to prayer.  Since we are convinced this season of challenge is from God for our good, we want to prepare our hearts to receive all that He has for us.

We will have times of prayer in and around our services.  We ask small groups to encourage each other to pray, and trust the good God is seeking among us.  We also ask you to pray daily at home.  Only after a season of prayer will we begin to talk about our financial response.  Let us make this a time of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to our faithful God who is preparing good works in and through us!

Some people have asked about giving to the renovation project now; if you would like to begin giving, click the button below.