Summer Camp 2020 Online

Welcome to Summer Camp Online!  Due to the coronavirus situation our Summer Camp will be held virtually.  Daily videos will be posted on this page as well as our Youtube Page.  Each video will feature music, games, skits and a bible lesson.  The theme for this years camp is Jesus is our Strong Foundation.  Each day we will explore one way that Jesus is the  Foundation for Life.  

Camp Videos will be posted each morning during the week of July 27-31.  You can watch the videos anytime.  A list of supplies needed for each day’s game can be found along with the video.

All of the camp music has been posted below.  


Day 1: Foundation of Love

Today’s Point:
Foundation of Love: I can’t earn it

Lesson: Matt 9:9-13

Supplies needed:  Balloons

Day 2: Foundation of Forgiveness

Today’s Point: Foundation of Forgiveness: Jesus Freely Gives it

Lesson: Matt 18:21-35

Supplies needed:  Two buckets of water, one sponge and food coloring (this is an outside game).

Day 3: Foundation of Truth

Today’s Point: Foundation of Truth: Jesus is the Cornerstone

Lesson: Matt 21:42-44

Supplies needed:  One beach towel

Day 4: Foundation of Promise

Today’s Point: Foundation of Promise: We don’t build alone

Lesson: Matt 28:16-20

Supplies needed: Gather a few items to stack on top of one another (blocks, toilet paper, tissue boxes, cups, or food – such as marsmallows or hershey bars.)

Day 5: Foundation for Life

Today’s Point: Foundation for Life: Jesus is our Strong Foundation

Lesson: Matt 7:24-29

Supplies needed: One stocking, one tennis ball or two socks rolled together, five or more water bottles or cups.