2019 STAMP Trips

Here are the dates for our upcoming 2019 STAMP Trips. Click here to learn what you need to know before you go.  If you would like to be on a team or would like more information, contact Pastor Pat Tedeschi at pattedeschi@greentree.org or at the church office.

Belarus:  July 12 – 22

Belarus Kid’s Camp with Pastors Vladimir and Anatoly and the Gatovo Church

Poland:  July 14 – 25

Adult English Camp for Belarusians with Pastor Sergei Lukyanov of SEE Global and the New Covenant Church.

Atlantic City:  TBA

Summer Urban Ministry Team in AC with Peter and Katie Eck and New City Fellowship (date to be announced)

London, UK:  October 4 – 14

London Muslim Outreach – Training in Islamic Culture, Friendship Muslim Outreach, and Working with the Oasis Chruch Plant with our missions partners Randy & Margie Lawler.