Family Sermon Discussion

August 1, 2017 | by: Paul Long | 0 comments

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Read the passage together: 1 Corinthians 14:6-25

Look through 1 Corinthians Ch 14. What does Paul say the purpose of spiritual gifts is?  How many times does he say it?

What is the gift of speaking in tongues?  What were the Corinthians doing wrong with this gift? 

What is the gift of prophecy?  What does Paul say about prophecy compared to tongues in the public worship service?  

If you want the Holy Spirit to be at work in your life, what should you strive for?  (Vs 12) 

How does pride get in the way of the Holy Spirit working in your life?

Continuationist Pneumatology is one of our shared values as a Sovereign Grace church.  What is continuationist pneumatology?  You may want to read more about it here:

What questions do you have about the gifts of the Holy Spirit?  What do you think your spiritual gift(s) are?  Parents share what you think your gifts are with your kids. 

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